FAA STCs LED Lighting Upgrade for Premier I/IA

 - June 29, 2022, 11:15 AM

Peregrine has received FAA supplemental type certificate (STC) approval for an exterior lighting upgrade for Beechcraft Premier I/IA twinjets. Working on behalf of Wichita Aerospace, Peregrine developed this STC that replaces the wingtip light clusters—including navigation, recognition, and strobes—and the tail cone light assembly with Whelen Aerospace Technologies-designed LED technology.

According to Peregrine, the upgrade can be accomplished in less than a day. While the installation reuses existing clear lenses, it replaces the entire wingtip light assembly. Existing power supplies, strobes, and incandescent bulbs are removed, yielding a load reduction of more than 28 amps and weight reduction of about eight pounds. Wichita Aerospace managing director Christophe Maskell said the upgrade will also lower maintenance costs.

The STC installation kit includes the new Whelen lighting assemblies mounted to sheet-metal brackets and a pre-wired harness. Peregrine provided all engineering, test, and certification data needed to obtain the STC approval.